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time's running

To start with the very current event: today there was a celebration of the final session of Speaking Up course. And that was the last session of the last course that I was taking part from the beginning of October (and now I am looking forward to the first sessions of 'Making it Happen' - another course run by CCU, dedicated for cummunity artists).
Last week I saw the presentations of Volunteering and Get Talking students and I had my own small presentation as a part of Getting Communities Involved course. That was a possibility to listen a bit more about braod volunteering experiances and The Big Talk's projects invented by members of My Health Matters. I have my little contribution to one of these projects: I spent one day in the local school (Bentilee), where two students are going to renovate the school garden. They were interviewing parents and school's staff looking for volunteers. We had also short lessons for each class. I was taking pictures.

The presentation about this project and the other about community consultations were also the possibility to work together with Ola O. Not for the first time, to be honest. Ola helps me recording interviewing Get Talking lecturers and the previous Get Talking student that want to share their experinces.  As the result I have a material with Penny and Kate from CCU, the REACH member, the local community developement worker, the outreach worker from The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery and all the leaders of My Health Matters.

Our (my, Ola's and Jula's) placements "cross each other" as the last paragraph shows. I try to support workshops for YPTC that Jula described in one of the posts. With Ola O., we took part in very special visit in Wightwick Manor (National Trust). It was organised as a part od Heritage2Health: "The project developed from an initiative into wellbeing and health that was partnered with WestFocus Health Network, the Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences, Kingston University and St George's University" as the website says... Staffordshire Univeristy is sharing the ideas and practise with mentioned institutions. We were in Walverhampton in very diverse group of lecturers, students, volunteers and people with learning disabilities. We were guided around the manor and than we had time to do some art activities like taking pictures and scatching. The results of my job are partly presented in School of Arts in Burslem, where there is the Photographers' Collective of North Staffordshire exhibition ("Small is beautiful") that invited us three to join.

I am getting more and more familiar with London, where I spent the next weekend, I visited also Liverpool - I do most of important places in 'Midlands' area...


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