środa, 23 lutego 2011

last 3 weeks in NuL

1. snow - everything stopped. Schools cancelled workshops, our groups couldn't come... 
2. World AIDS day - Quince's night, karaoke, pub quiz about AIDS, costumes.
3. Leek - playing pool, medieval instruments, delicious diner
4. Leeds - Hanukkah
5. London again
6. Charlotte's birthday - balloons, marzipan party, games
 7. World in our college: presentation of ourself in everyday life - workshops with kids about goals, self-confidence, stereotypes.
8. Dinner at Paul's house - lovely evening, beautiful meal.
9. Sofa party - we finished renovating settee in our house, it took almost 3 months, we had to take off an old material and upholster sofa again - we saved 7000 pounds by doing this ourselves (Joan - land lady, her neighbours, me and Paschale)
9. LOST: three days in a row we were meeting our groups at 9.30am at the theatre and we worked whole day to show performance at 7.30pm - very intensive but important and fruitful time.
- YPTC: stories about dreams, and how they can become nightmares.
- ESOL: story about an island where there are certain rules, island without girls - only one tribe hides in the forest. We used this picture to listen to the stories of young people, who made the long and dangerous journey from their homeland where they were not safe, to England where they found new home. 
- Strethcross: crazy family with hundred kids, fairies, pirates, cave of lost socks, Santa Claus and grate fun.
10. Presentation - final of our placement, summary and nice meeting. 
11. Christmas Party at the theatre - secret Santa, dancing, food. I had opportunity to say goodbye to everyone. Paschale and Melin (one of the lost boys from Peter Pan performance) performed for me apiece for musical saw and voice in a toilet -beautiful music and grate acoustic!