piątek, 12 listopada 2010

Lost and found

                Islands made by ESOL group participants during one of the workshops.
With the ESOL group we created imaginary islands with their's own rules, in order to explore new-Lost-Boys stories.   

For the last three weeks with YPTC we created stories around objects. We were taking about situations when we were lost or we lost something. From those two ideas we came to a point when we are telling stories from a perspective of precious things that we've lost.
Just as we can loose our treasured possessions, perhaps our possessions loose us. Maybe objects can also feel an absence of their proprietors...

On Friday October 29th we changed into witches, the undead, Frankenstein's monster and co. and we went to scare children in Bentilee Neighbourhood Centre
We had dark and eerie fun...

For three weeks Sue has been working with Emma and Kyle on Yizkor performance. They created a moving, touching, affecting peace of theatre. 
During this time I was reading about the holocaust, the porajmos,  Auschwitz, "Żegota" and it made me a bit depressed.
Over last week we started our tour, we visited 4 schools and met around 450 kids. During workshops we talked about the eight stages of genocide, rules for humanity, inner strength, trust and responsibility.

I went to London again. This time I visited friend in Dulston, and one in Brixton. I spent some time on a river bank and in the City. I met my auntie and my cousin. 

I went to see Life of Riley in which my flat mate took part.
We went with Olas to see contemporary dance in Regent Theatre. 

This week abound in various parties. We had Al's birthday, Bonfire, a party for volunteers, borderline's pseudo-karaoke and few after-parties.

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