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Last days I finished a lot of projects, but still I have a lot to do.
In last week I shot my own film. The temperature outside that day was minus 10, but everything look beautiful, because was frozen. I'm editing it now- I think it will be a good summary of technical things which I have learned here.
I thought about this film from the very beginning. First I made pictures which could be inspiration for successive shoots, after that I started thinking about the script. It was really difficult - how to tell about my time here, my work experiences in arts, not in a boring way? I decided to use Ola, she was walking across the places, which are importan for me here.  All the time in my work helped me my "boss" from Junction 15 - Darren.
A lot of shoots were made in the surroundings, I didn't write about this - I work in really important and pretty part of Stoke - in Burslam. Unfortunately in my opinion it is also forgotten part of England. I want write something about this place where I worked, but also where I spent my free time.


The title 'mother of the potteries' belongs to Burslem. It was a centre for pottery manufacture, you can still see bottle ovens here. Many buildings in use today date from the 18th and early 19th centuries. During my work experiences I was introduced  with the work of The Burslem Regeneration Company, which try improve situation of this place.

The School of Art
It's the place where my company has the office, but it's also a centre of local artistic life. Years ago students from the school played an important role in the local pottery industry, now it's a self - financing, not for profit arts community and creative industry development organisation.The company works with diverse community artists. Many companies have offices in this beautiful building. I had an opportunity to work with a lot of them. I also made a project with Tony Jones - we took a photographies of this place.

The Leopard Pub
I'm writing about this place, because I spent many of my evenings there. It's one of the most beautiful pub which I know, which hold a lot of hidden secrets. Hotel with tunnels is only one of them.

We had also first screening of the film about domestic violence, the official premiere will be during Stoke Your Fires. The festival of the moving image. There is the trailer of our film:

More information about film: DAMAGE FILM


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